The Art in Islamic Architecture

The Domain Of Healing

Image by Siddhesh Mangela via Flickr

Islamic Architecture has always been a favourite topic of mine. Although Islamic art is my primary focus, Islamic architecture holds a special place in my heart because it is both art and science. The precise mathematical geometric designs repeating in patterns, the flowing Islamic calligraphy script in various arabic calligraphy styles – the tiles, mosaics, arches, windows, domes – you name it, Islamic architecture has in it an inherent beauty that is admired the world over. 

I recently read an article stated “What's Your Nation's Signature Architectural Style?” and it was interesting to see what people thought about the different architectural styles their own unique cities and countries boasted. 

You can read the full post here:  Credits: What's your nation's signature architectural style?

My personal favourite when it comes to Islamic architecture is that of the Fatimids in North Africa, a recent reflection of which can be found in Saifee Hospital which now adorns Mumbai's unique skyline (see picture above), and is the perfect example of traditional Islamic architecture fused with modern design.


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